Gov. Crist Visits EA Tiburon

by Ashley Pinder

When the Governor comes to town you’ve got to welcome him in style. 

For Orlando’s EA Tiburon, that means showcasing the impact of Florida’s investment in digital media by putting Florida’s most powerful figure “in the game.”  

On the eve of the launch of the latest NCAA Football game, the nation’s top-selling college football video game title, EA showed Gov. Crist a demo of the game’s new TeamBuilder feature while showcasing a couple of teams dear to his heart, Wake Forest and FSU, and let him walk the Studio’s halls and visit the workstation of a developer to ask specific questions about how the game is made.

In a scene reminiscent of a bowl game press conference, every local TV station, two local talk radio stations, a business columnist, two video game bloggers and a photojournalist gathered round to speak with the Governor and learn more about the good work done at EA.  


We were all there to showcase the intellectual capital housed at EA Tiburon, which is creating top-selling video game titles right here in Orlando.   As EA Tiburon General Manager Phil Holt shared in his welcome to Gov. Crist, creating the world’s best video games takes serious talent.  EA Tiburon only recruits the best and the brightest and it can’t do it alone.  That’s why support from the state through investments in high tech industry is a touchdown for all.

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