by Roger Pynn

Just when Microsoft thought it was safe to go back in the water, Google takes a huge bite out of the side of the boat by announcing Chrome OS. You could hear the “ouch” all the way across Puget Sound.

But BusinessWeek’s Rob Hof saw only half of the story when he opined it was not about taking on Microsoft and rather about making the Web work better, which in the end makes Google’s real business – Web searches – more profitable.

The brains at Google are all abound dominance and we may be seeing what I wrote about back in June when I commented on Microsoft’s introduction of its search engine Bing and Google’s not-to-subtle simultaneous uncovering of Google Wave which Andy Wibbels wrote “obliterates everything.”

If Microsoft blinks, methinks the shift could make it just one more AOL. Hof should read his associate Stephen Wildstrom’s post. There’s blood in the water.

At Google they know that doing anything is worth more than just doing it well … it is about doing it completely: a lesson for all of us in business.

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