by Roger Pynn

I’ve written about this before, but the death and subsequent coverage of everything Michael Jackson raises the question again: how interested is the public? Does the news consumer demand coverage or does the media’s coverage drive interest?

So often we hear a reporter talk about “the public’s fascination” with a story, when it seems quite obvious – such as the case of Casey Anthony – that the media is perhaps the most fascinated and readers and viewers (as in “Thriller”) have nowhere left to run.

Helen Popkin’s msnbc.com article raised the question again reporting on a Pew Center survey where some two-thirds of the public said news organizations gave too much attention to the death of the pop icon.

There’s no doubt that Michael Jackson’s celebrity deserves coverage. How much is too much? Better still, does anyone in the media stop to ask is it the public or the man in the mirror that’s fascinated with this story?

3 Responses to Fascination

  1. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one that doesn’t care about certain things as much as everyone else.Am I really that cold hearted and disinterested… I get the picture on the first go around and I agree some of it’s very interesting, but what real impact does it hold for us… it’s information, give it to us and move on. What happened to the “facts, nothing but the facts” and objectivity in the news… Anyway, have a great day and “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires!”

  2. akeorlando says:

    I think in the case of Michael Jackson, the public really does care. He has touched so many lives, and made an impact in our culture, and his passing truly is a tragedy that leaves a hole in the collective heart of the world.

  3. Roger says:

    Not for a minute do I suggest Michael Jackson wasn’t a great talent. I’m so old he was a tot to me when he first broke on the scene … cute and lovable and full of a musical gift that grew and grew on us. Then The Today Show this morning teased its coverage by asking “Where is Michael Jackson’s body? No one knows. But one thing we do know is where Michael’s brain is.”

    God … save us. Anyone knows anything about an autopsy convulsed. A sliver of brain tissue is taken because it provides a tracking device better than the best GPS money can buy. Yes … a sliver of Michael’s brain is in the coroner’s office in LA County … but any heart our soul or judgement the once respected Today Show had is in a trash can at Rockefeller Center.

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