by Roger Pynn

Partner Kim Taylor, our resident social media guide, shared a great post from Chris Brogan’s Community and Social Media blog chock full of tips for anyone contributing to the online conversation … but as someone to whom strategy is everything what stood out applies to the essence of business success. Said Brogan:

“Strategies are flexible. People don’t realize this. If your goal is to land more sales, then making one decision and sticking to it is not likely going to be the best way to plan your blogging methods. For instance, if you decide to write about product features every post, and that doesn’t convert to sales, would you still do it? No. You’d adjust your strategy and try new content approaches.”

Isn’t that true of everything you do in business? If you’re stuck on a single approach – just like a blogger stuck on a single topic – you’re not likely to get a lot of traction.

A set of complementary strategies with a tactical “coat of many colors” support system will be far more interesting than a black and white, set-in-stone method. That’s why, for instance, even though we are primarily known as a public relations firm we emphasize to clients that advertising has to be part of their mix. And public relations doesn’t mean publicity … it means a cornucopia of communications techniques from traditional to cutting-edge that let you create lines of communication with a cross-section of stakeholders.

Most importantly, as Brogan suggests, you have to constantly ask yourself “is this working?” You can’t be afraid to shift to a new approach if the winds have changed and left your sails airless.

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