by Kim Taylor

When you’re going about your daily routine solving problems for customers or clients, taking on tasks given to you by your superiors or even handling your personal to-do list, do you ever think about the difference between those expectations which are met vs. those that are exceeded?

An expectation is: the degree of probability that something will occur.

So let’s take this example. If you make an appointment to see a doctor, it’s fair to say that you ‘expect’ to be seen at your appointment time. Perhaps, with no explanation, you’re not seen until 45 minutes later … but you are, in fact, seen. Does the fact that the service they offered was rendered outweigh that perhaps they were running a few minutes behind?

Were your expectations met? Exceeded? Could you have changed the outcome somehow? Been clearer about your expectations from the outset?

Approaching every task with the intent to exceed expectations will create satisfied customers and bosses every time.

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