by Kim Taylor

I caught a great post over at PRSA’s Whatever Suits blog today, “Successful Leadership: How to Motivate People to Drive your Business Forward—Even in Challenging Times.”

This really resonated: “People remember stories, not business plans.”

Maybe you roll your eyes or sneak in a yawn when you hear your colleague start a sentence with, “I remember when …” but, think about it; they weren’t describing line-by-line strategy or tactics … they were telling you about tangible outcomes … “We had 1,000 kids drumming on the lawn at the Hard Rock Hotel, it was so awesome to break that Guinness World Record …”

Although the focus of the speech and blog post talks about using this communication tactic to amp up your employees, it has an equally strong impact when trying to sell a new idea to a client.

Give it a shot. Think about the story’s “big idea” and build around that. And, remember that telling a story or anecdote is much like any presentation you give; you have to gauge your audience—whether it’s a room full of employees or a client—and respond accordingly.

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