by Roger Pynn

I wrote the other day about the speed of our digital world and wondered what might be next to fall off our radar as the next great thing is invented. I’ve seen it, I think in Google Wave which was just demoed at a Google developer conference. You’ll need to spend 5 or more minutes watching what is a 40-minute presentation to see just how important Wave can be to your world.

If you’re like me, you’ve often wondered why Microsoft makes us go all the way back to the beginning of a thread to understand a conversation in e-mail. It works counter-intuitively. We don’t read up any more than we read right to left … we read down. It can be maddening.

Seth Godin noted the folks at Google are previewing Wave just as Microsoft is announcing a $100 million marketing play for a search engine it calls Bing (“a better way to search from Microsoft”). They might as well have called it Jase (“Just another search engine”).

Godin is right to chide Microsoft for trying to be better than Google. Wave demonstrates that Google is trying to be better than itself … that’s how companies become great – never resting, never being satisfied, always anticipating and always looking over the horizon so they are always the next great thing.

Could it be? Could Microsoft become the next AOL?

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