More than a Dance

by Kim Taylor

Have you ever thought about how much the customer experience influences a purchase? I had the chance to observe this process first-hand a few days ago and it left quite an impression.

Most Central Floridians are familiar with David Maus. If you’ve never stepped foot inside one of his car dealerships, you’ve almost certainly seen one of his commercials.

And, if you’re like me, you put car-buying somewhere behind death, taxes and public speaking. Even in these troubling economic times, the dance between buyer and seller persists. But, after tagging along with a friend to buy a car last week, I noticed a sharp difference between the tactics employed at David Maus versus their competitors.

You see, it was raining that day, but we were greeted in the parking lot by a salesman toting an umbrella. And, after test-driving the exact car we came to see, the salesman took us on a guided tour of the dealership … showing us where we’d have our vehicle serviced … making a point to share with us that the service bays are air conditioned (only the best here at David Maus). He introduced us to various folks around the dealership as if we were local celebrities and told us what our experience would be like after the sale. Mind you, this was all happening before we’d even agreed to buy.

As it turned out, a deal couldn’t be made that day for reasons unrelated to our experience, but it was invaluable to watch as the dealership’s sales team took a big-picture approach to sales that went far beyond the dance.

One Response to More than a Dance

  1. This dude has money floating all over the place when it comes to media, particularly television. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many sponsorships I’ve seen….

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