Tapping into Local Talent

by Ashley Pinder

When one of the world’s leading video game developers operates in your own backyard you have to tap into it as a resource. That’s why we organized a Leadership Orlando visit to Electronic Arts Tiburon’s Maitland studio to provide local leaders an opportunity to learn more about this creative company that’s on top of the competitive digital media industry.


As part of the business group’s Regional Entrepreneurship Day, more than 50 professionals from around Central Florida took a tour of the studio and heard from EA Tiburon executives including Phil Holt, Daryl Holt, Dale Jackson and Roy Harvey about how EA functions.

In order to produce some of the biggest games in the industry, like Madden NFL, NCAA Football, Tiger Woods PGA Tour and others, Tiburon recruits highly skilled employees to work in a competitive team centric environment with a strategy to “Win at Everything We Do!”

Executive Producer Dale Jackson compared the company’s hiring philosophy to that of the Navy Seals, “only the best and the brightest,” he said. “We drop them off in the deep end and they have to swim to safety; they use their problem-solving and passion for games to make an unbeatable product this way.”

During the tour, the LO students saw those highly skilled EA team members hard at work. Concept artwork and brainstorming notes covered the walls showing project developments, but it was clear the intensity of the work is balanced by opportunities for fun. Seen below, great minds need an outlet, and what better way to let loose then playing in a ball pit within a conference room?


The mixture of high performing creative minds, casual attire, dynamic leaders and free-thinking atmosphere make EA Tiburon a perfect place to learn about building a team and operating a successful company.

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