Sex Education

by Roger Pynn

Kudos to USC Marshall School of Business Distinguished Professor Warren Bennis, quoted in a BusinessWeek article on the debate over whether MBAs and their educations were responsible for the financial crisis.

“We have not provided enough information on the practical world of business or the ease with which you can slip into greed and hubris,” he says. “We need to better prepare [students].”

But let’s remember that by the time you get to graduate school your spine is fully formed.

While I agree that our colleges and universities must hammer home the importance of having a moral compass, it begins long before Johnny chooses a grad school. At the risk of sounding like those who oppose sex education in the public schools, isn’t this something that parents have to teach from the get go?

I’ve long wanted to explore a curriculum in consequential thinking … something that says “before you unload toxic assets on the next guy, ask yourself how you’ll feel when the world collapses.”

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