A Blanket We Can Believe In

by Ashley Pinder

As everyone and their mother moans about the ailing economy, the “nationalization of our banks,” the housing crisis, massive corporate layoffs and yes – even the peanut butter recall and the outbreak of the swine flu, I’d like to take a minute to talk about something much more warm and fuzzy.

That’s right, I mean The Snuggie.

What could be more comforting than a blanket with sleeves? The Snuggie has received so much national attention that it’s been discussed on late-night TV, has garnered a large following on Facebook, and even has its very own widely visited YouTube channel.

It’s amazing. Even though most consumers are paring back expenses for nonessentials, The Snuggie’s sales have skyrocketed.

You may think this seemingly cheesy product with its low-budget infomercial is not worth discussing, but perhaps the creators can be credited with their approach to marketing in a rough time. The Snuggie doesn’t even own its own domain name, but when you do find its official site you’ll see it’s only one page: because the short- and to-the-point video and ordering information are all you need.

Could it be that the timing is right and American consumers want a comforting and low-tech product that doesn’t require a manual or an “app”?

Or maybe it’s the rhyming and exaggerated explanations of how to use The Snuggie featured in its infomercial that have made it a sure-fire success?

Whatever it is, The Snuggie is now part of pop culture and it’s a welcome diversion from the doom and gloom in the daily news. The NY Times even joined the conversation by tracing the history of what could be the original snuggie-type product – the lesser known Slanket.

We all need comfort and can appreciate practically and simplicity. And, at the low low price of $19.95, who could say no?

So, if you are unemployed and sitting at home watching your bank account get lower and lower, at least you won’t be wrestling on the couch with a too short blanket.

Sign me up.

One Response to A Blanket We Can Believe In

  1. roger says:

    As a snuggie owner who earned mucho hubby points for these simple blankets as Christmas gifts, let me offer praise to their Saturday morning marketing strategy. Those infomercials got my Amex leaping out of my wallet … although it took them forever to deliver. In fact, they beat Rudolph by half a length.

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