by Roger Pynn

“Over The Hill” parties have become cliché as a means of poking fun at folks as they get older … designed I guess to let the honoree laugh off the implications of passing a milestone birthday. Draping your office in black just isn’t that funny when you reach 60. After all, they are probably using bunting left over from your 50th birthday party.

Yesterday I had real reason to celebrate and forget the signs of aging when my two business partners and staff gave me the sweetest gift you can give an old man on the 60th anniversary of his arrival.

I was simply stunned arriving at work to be greeted by nine former employees who acted in character to take me back through many of our company’s 25 years. I grinned all day at their stories and the truly joyful tone of this reunion. You couldn’t give someone a greater gift.

Roger's 60th 007

Each of them – all ladies – has gone on to great achievement … in business and personal life. They are leaders in higher education, association management, economic development, public relations consulting, graphic design and agency management.

One of them said “there are so many successful people who have come through this company that are in so many important positions. It is a testament to the firm.”

Roger's 60th 011

I look at it differently. They shaped the culture and the success of this firm and they make me so proud. I think of them and the wonderful people I work today as my company children.

I couldn’t have had a happier day!

2 Responses to Celebrate

  1. Kelly King says:

    Happy Belated birthday, Roger! Looks like a fun and well-deserved celebration.

  2. Roger Pynn says:

    Wish you had been there, Mom, but I think you have a beautiful excuse. You were missed.

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