The End is Near

by Roger Pynn

One sure way to get yourself a lot of mileage on the social media circuit is to predict its certain demise, as Ad Age’s Simon Dumenco did. But this was more than a clever commentary on the day’s ultimate hot topic. Dumenco goes to the heart of the Internet age and poses the question every newspaper has to have been asking itself for a decade: how long can free be free?

We’ve come to expect it. Why should we pay for it? One thing’s for sure: there’s not a lot of future for the guys who manufacture newspaper coin boxes.

Dumenco says “when it comes to Twitter, we not only don’t pay, but we all take it for granted that somebody’s going to keep footing the bill for the rapidly expanding server farms needed to process and store zillions of tweets per minute.”

While we’re all searching for cool, insightful, entertaining people to follow – and hoping and praying that people will follow us – we may just want to prepare for the day when the smartest of them have us hooked and put a coin box at the end of their tweets.

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