It Won’t be Over Until it is Over

by Roger Pynn

Just as the talking heads asked for months whether we were actually in a recession, now they are asking whether it is over or when we will know if it is over. The answer is simple: it will be over when you stop hearing them talk about it.

Swine flu helped, but as it appears to be petering out they are back to two things: the recession and heinous crimes (in our town, that translates to the all too oft’ reported Casey Anthony case; in Boston it is the Craigslist Murder; there’s something awful almost everywhere).

In South Florida, The Sun Sentinel must not have had much crime to talk about because they rather thoughtfully pointed to real indicators of an economy on the mend.

Next thing you know ad sales could be up and people could begin buying again.

Don’t you wish you knew what the next big thing they’ll want is? Makes me wish I’d studied science and engineering and inherited a tinkerer’s genes.

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