Power on Your Desktop

by Roger Pynn

At my age, I go back and forth with contemporaries all the time about Social Networking. Many of them question my sanity when I confess to having a Facebook account … although most are relieved to know I have yet to truly embrace the whole Twitter thing.

Yes. Way too many of my Facebook “friends” post thoughts it would never occur to me to discuss with the online world. However, I’m increasingly being exposed to causes, companies and organizations very effectively using this massive network (even on a very local basis) to create reputation and relationships.

For instance, Lisa Stock Warren, development and communications manager, got my attention for an event to support the Adult Literacy League here in Orlando. Although I couldn’t go, I forwarded the information to a wine enthusiast friend.

Sun Sports and Fox Sports Florida Director of Media Relations Amy Pempel is building a real following for her brands by sharing insightful sports thinking from the serious to the not-so serious. Sports. It’s her business.

Then comes this article from e-marketer.com chock full of proof of the power of Facebook… and interestingly, while Facebook isn’t profiting from the advertising on its site, users are.

And right in line with what Lisa and Amy are doing, eMarketer CEO Geoff Ramsey said “If you’re going to build a community, don’t center it around your product, but rather on something deeply relevant to a particular consumer group.”

Interesting. Social networking is just like real life. If you want to make friends in conversation at a party, talk to them about what matters to them, not just you.

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