What a Time to Be a Top Grad

by Roger Pynn

It is intern time again … and companies in every field are entertaining fresh-faced college kids (many about to graduate into a scary world) who want one last shot to learn real-world skills as interns.

Some may be wishing they could put their thumb in the commencement exercise dike.

But the smartest will say “let me mop the floors so I can show you I’m the hottest thing since sliced bread.”

Smart businesses will snap them up and turn their internships into boot camp experiences … risking a few bucks perhaps on more than one intern to have the pick of the crop because they will be your best staff a year from now as things are turning around. They won’t cost as much up front and they’ll know more than most of the folks you employ today.

Learn more about our Internship Program here.

One Response to What a Time to Be a Top Grad

  1. Ann Ngo says:

    Hi Mr. Pynn,

    I spoke to you in February about moving to Orlando and networking. I think this is a great article. In fact, I re-sent my resume to Mr. Ward specifically requesting a consideration for an internship opportunity! Hope to speak to you soon. Thanks for this post.

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