Oh, Leonard!

by Roger Pynn

Although our views are often different, Leonard Pitts Jr. has always impressed me as one of the most open-minded op-ed writers in America. That is, until I read his recent column “I won’t twitter my life away” – in which he may have driven a wedge so thick between himself and the future – that he may never be “followed” by a generation that could really use his insight, attitude and knowledge. He is, after all, a prized possession at The Miami Herald a multiculture that thrives on the tweeting generation.

“I’m darned if I can see the fascination. I mean, I’m not surprised that technology allows this. But I am surprised that people – by the thousands – buy in to it,” wrote Pitts.

But what tweeters are saying in response explains it quite well. Perhaps he might also want to note that many of his colleagues in the newspaper business are regularly using twitter to snag scoops in their respective specialties and public relations people are following journalists to stay on top of what they are covering.

Oh, Leonard … this is very real and so is the need for people to reach out for some personal communication in an age where what technology has given us is cool and glitzy and wondrous but often very impersonal.

This may just make the Personal Computer personal again.

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