Limitations + Constraints = Creative Solutions.

by Dionne Aiken

Last Saturday I attended an AIGA Day Conference called Re:Solutions held at the Orlando Museum of Art.  The discussion for that evening centered on rethinking creative problem-solving approaches.   There were a host of noteworthy speakers who shared their experience and insight:

  • Debbie Millman of Sterling Brands hit on some key points, explaining the dynamics of great design and operational excellence. She made it evident that good design is much more than meets the eye.
  • Wright Massey, Founder of Brand Architecture talked about defining and capturing the true essence of a brand and bringing it out in the architectural language.
  • Web guru Dan Rubin discussed how to create visually articulate and Web-compliant Web sites, despite the innumerable constraints and limitations.
  • Jeremy Kennedy with his extensive background in publication design and made it clear that you can turn passion into profit.

All these speakers left the conference attendees (including myself) with a lot to think about and inspired us to challenge ourselves daily as designers.  There was one more speaker that really drove this message home when he showed us this video:

John Deeb, an Orlando Photographer and Director.  He created this spot using only photographic still images and with a budget of only $45. This is a great example of pushing creativity and turning limitations into opportunities to produce a quality product, rather than short-cutting the design process and creating something inferior.

These speakers challenged us to change our perceptions and views of constraints and inspired us to use them as fuel for new creative approaches and strategies at problem solving.  This is something that is not just limited to the design realm but can be applied to how we do business in our approaches to solutions for clients.  How can you turn your limitations into something great for your clients?

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