What’s YOUR Story?

by Ashley Pinder

The building that houses the offices of Curley & Pynn is only four floors, so when we talk about crafting an “elevator speech” we know it has to be short and to the point.

I fancy myself a storyteller, so it is difficult for me to condense my story into something that can be shared from the time those elevators doors close to when they reopen again in less than a minute.

But, as someone who “relates to the public” I know having an elevator speech is a must.

Spawned from the idea that people frequently make important introductions in elevators, it seems obvious that this type of speech should be something in everyone’s arsenal.

Every employee of a company needs to be able to describe what he/she does and explain in succinct yet memorable terms their company’s mission and vision. But, the message inside the speech has to be about the people.

This became ever more apparent today when my coworker Kim Taylor and I attended a monthly FPRA luncheon in which social media guru Alex Hillman stated the simple yet often forgotten fact that: “people don’t relate to companies, people relate to people – it’s what’s inside the company that is important.”

That simple statement explains exactly why the elevator speech can be such an effective tool at humanizing a company and in sharing its story.

What does your company do? And what do the people inside of it like you do to make that happen?

What’s YOUR story?

If you don’t know it yet, take the stairs!

2 Responses to What’s YOUR Story?

  1. Alex Hillman says:

    Thanks for attending the FPRA luncheon and sharing this anecdote on your blog! I love storytelling (as you could probably tell from my presentation) so I really appreciate your approach: make it about storytelling. That’s a great way to win, and keep voice authentic.

    Unrelated, I try to keep the words “social media guru” and my name in separate sentences, but I appreciate it as a compliment nonetheless 😉

  2. stangle says:

    Thanks for the post. This is an area that I admittedly do not excel and I always drop the ball in the first impression.

    When a stranger asks what I do and I tell them that I am a civil engineer, I usually get a blank look and the follow up question “And what does a civil engineer do?” This is where things go wrong for me…What I want to say is “Without civil engineers the world as we know it would not exist. There would be no clean drinking water, other than horse-back transportation would be lost because there would be no roads or bridges, waterways would be filled with garbage and raw sewage, and the only buildings would be 1 story adobe.” But what comes out of my mouth is something to the order of we do everything from site development of schools and concrete plants to design of roads and seawalls.

    And then I try to change the focus of the conversion.

    I need to work on my marketing skills and ride the elevator more to fine tune my story.

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