by Dionne Aiken

In light of Kim Taylor’s post on how to Be a Good Steward of your Clients’ Money, I’d like to share an example of how we’re taking steps to make sure we continue to meet and exceed our client’s expectations, despite cuts in spending and tighter budgets.

This is just a term I came up with (inspired by Ashley Pinder’s post More than Words Can Say ) to put a name to an approach we like to take with our clients.  It is ensuring we’re maximizing the clients’ investment by taking full advantage of opportunities to further push and expand beyond the scope of current projects.

A great example of this is a project we’re doing on behalf of our client, the Florida High Tech Corridor Council.  A project that began by simply hiring a photographer to take photographs of the people behind the Faces of Technology, an ongoing series of profiles published each year in a magazine we direct in partnership with The Maddux Business Report.

We could have stopped there, but instead we turned this into a maxortunity for our client:  During the photoshoot, we also shot video footage of interviews with each individual. Then back at our office, team discussions spawned an idea that brought to light yet another maxortunity, so pushing this a step further, we created a custom YouTube Channel that was fed into the Web site.   Now users from either the Web site or users just browsing related videos on YouTube can view the stories behind the Faces of Technology …  not only that, but they can share and pass on these stories at will.

What we did was open up new modes of access to the information about the Faces of Technology by broadening our perspective and scope of the initial project (the photo shoot) with minimal impact on our client’s wallet.

The key here is that we have to look for these maxortunities and continue to find ways to give our clients more than they expect without breaking the budget.

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