Effective Tweeting

by Kimberly Taylor

By now, most of you have probably heard of the increasingly popular micro-blogging site, Twitter.

A year ago, you couldn’t have convinced me to adapt this newfangled technology, let alone convince me I’d become addicted.

Many avid users of Twitter have used it to promote their brand, their blog, etc. Others have used it as a news source, while journalists have even been known to seek out expert sources for stories by soliciting their followers on Twitter.

Well, I’ve seen the light, and have enjoyed “following” many different people and companies—my most recent addition … Popeyes Chicken (@PopeyesChicken).

You may be wondering how Popeyes Chicken could possibly use Twitter to engage its customers.

Last Wednesday night during the final presidential debate, Popeyes “tweeted”—interjecting humorous chicken messages into their tweets—to correspond with each candidate’s message.

Here are a few examples, starting with the first pre-debate tweet:

“Biden my time, waiting for the debate to start. Both Palin comparison to ME! Popeyes for President!”

“I’m very much a breast of the economic issues and I have a plan. It’s called the Big Deals! Only $1.49.”

“Is either one a breast of the issues? I think they are winging it. Both seem to be pulling my leg.”


Word has it the person behind the @PopeyesChicken persona is from their Technology team, not from marketing or PR as you may’ve thought.

In a sea of messages streaming into my Twitter account, I can tell you these messages were standing out—an effective use of Twitter!

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3 Responses to Effective Tweeting

  1. You could not have convinced me either that you would become addicted to Twitter. But man am I glad. I’m happy to call you my social media sister.

    And great feature on how PopeyeChicken has used Twitter. Very effective! I’ve even got a few ideas of my own, now.

  2. arizonabrian says:

    that’s great. I enjoy following @Fresh_and_Easy. They’re not as funny – but sometimes post coupons just for us online people!

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