Word of the Week: Simple

by Roger Pynn

Saw an interesting video at the MyStrategicPlan blog in which Erica Olsen, vp of marketing for M3Planning shared a simple implementation plan for making sure you follow through on a strategic plan.

The emphasis is on the word “simple,” here because Ms. Olsen’s whiteboard video shows how uncomplicated it can be. In creating strategic public relations and marketing communications programs, we do the very same thing.

She points to four simple elements:

• Strategy manager … someone’s got to be in charge.
• Communication … need to know goes beyond key management.
• Accountability … who has responsibility for tracking against goals?
• Frequency … how often are you updating everyone and updating goals?

And then there’s the all important timeline … if you don’t have a schedule you don’t have a plan.

These four simple questions we use as the starting point for every strategic communications plan may help planners:

Play QuickTime Movie

QuickTime Movie

Strategic communications doesn’t have to be complicated … just well-planned.

One Response to Word of the Week: Simple

  1. […] our notion that successful communications are guided by answering four simple questions, Jim Ylisela at Ragan.com introduces a set of guiding questions by saying “Simple is not dumb. […]

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