One Task Spawns Many Positive Outcomes

by Ashley Pinder

There’s a lot of discussion over whether “multi-tasking” is helpful or harmful to productivity. One instance where it certainly was a “value-added” activity was last week as Curley & Pynn coordinated and hosted a photo shoot at an Orlando studio for our regional economic development client, the Florida High Tech Corridor Council.

The purpose of the photo shoot: photography for an advertisement.

Three alumni from three universities including UCF, USF and UF were invited to meet for the one-day shoot in Orlando. It was a prime time to make use of these busy and brilliant researchers, who are not only alumni of Corridor universities but have each started their own very successful technology companies through the help of our client’s matching grants research program.

All in one place at one time – bringing their story, likeness and brains – provided the opportunity for us to “multi-task” in order to get the most impact we possibly could out of their time. Not only did we photograph group shots for several versions of the ad, but we did individuals for profiles to be used in other collateral; we captured the entire process on a handheld camera in order to produce viral “authentic” footage of asides and antics to share on various online channels; we shot a video interview of each alumni talking about how the grant funding helped their company to grow, which will not only serve as the basis of each written profile to be produced for a magazine, but will also provide a much needed content update in the form of “Faces of Technology” clips to the our client’s virtual welcome center we launched last year; we had the UF alum star in his very own Go Gator Nationclip to add to the already strong and established campaign at; and finally, we brought together three men who are leading the way in their individual high tech industries and gave them a casual forum to discuss R&D, commercializing and licensing products. They each came away with new ideas to grow their own company in turn strengthening the high tech environment across the 23-county High Tech Corridor. (At Curley & Pynn we deem ourselves experts in economic development, and this is a great way to illustrate that!)

The outcome of the photo shoot: content for all aspects of a true integrated marketing and communications program – and a whole lot more.

This great example of multi-tasking might not mean it is okay to spread yourself too thin during the workday by checking e-mail, talking on the phone, and eating a snack all at the same time, but it certainly is a testament to our commitment at C&P to maximize our client’s time!

Check back soon for footage from the shoot.

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