What Makes us Watch?

by Roger Pynn

Conservative talk radio is afraid liberals will reinstate The Fairness Doctrine and use the balancing effect to push them off the airwaves. Based on the dismal failure of the last attempt to revive the old FCC policy it seems they have little to worry about, but if a revised version applied to Trash TV it might have a chance.

Nancy Grace.jpg

Orlando Sentinel “Taking Names” Columnist Scott Maxwell today wrote what could be the language for such a bill. His heart aches for a little girl missing and trapped in a media circus that focuses not on the victim but rather the bizarre details of her mother’s life and a family in crisis.

Maxwell eloquently suggests that if you’ve somehow been drawn into Grace’s web in the belief her show is actually about the little girl, Caylee Anthony, whose life is at stake, you might consider prying yourself away from that 52-inch flat screen to focus on taking some positive action that might actually benefit kids at risk.

See his blog for ideas … and take a much-needed breather from these sewers of the airwaves.

(In the interest of transparency and full disclosure, our firm has helped create and promote the Maxwell-referenced “Florida’s People – Florida’s Promise” campaign to focus attention on the need to fund important social causes.)

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