Experiential Marketing

by Dionne Aiken

Max Lenderman, executive creative director at GMR Marketing LLC, Chicago, recently published a book called “Experience the Message: How Experiential Marketing is Changing the Brand World.”

I had the privilege of hearing him speak about this interesting phenomenon where in he explained the shift that is taking place in the minds of consumers as receivers of marketing messages and the unique, creative approaches of Experiential Marketing in reaching these consumers.  Experiential Marketing is a type of marketing that uses and/or creates engaging experiences to communicate key messages. In effect, it creates an intimate dialogue, a lasting memory and personal experience.

An interesting example of Experiential Marketing at work is Tide Laundry Detergent’s “CleanStart” campaign where they wash the clothes of natural disaster victims; they’re not just washing clothes, they’re restoring dignity, hope and a sense of pride; a clean start to the day.  This attaches intrinsic value to the brand name.  It’s hard to imagine that these disaster victims would use any other brand of detergent after such an experience. Watch this video …

Yet another example of Experiential Marketing at work is when Charmin opened up a public restroom in the middle of Manhattan.  They created an entire experience out of using the restroom (as crazy as this sounds).  Take a look at the following video …

In light of all this, I’m wondering what possibilities this approach could open up for Public Relations initiatives.  Could the same approach be used to restore consumer confidence or communicate certain issues to audiences and stakeholders? Could this aid in reaching certain government officials and policy makers on pressing issues at-hand?  What are some thoughts on the impact this could have on the brand world as well as the PR world?

2 Responses to Experiential Marketing

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  2. jessking1311 says:

    Smirnoff vodka threw a load of massive parties in major cities across the world to promote their product. That is an experiential marketing experience you’re unlikely to forget. Or…. perhaps you would. Depends on whether or not they were giving out free vodka.

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