What’s your Philosophy?

by Kimberly Taylor

Five years ago, we learned about and adopted into our corporate culture, the FISH! Philosophy. If you’re not familiar with the Philosophy created at the world-famous Pike Place Fish Market, the four main principles are: Play, Make Their Day, Be There and Choose Your Attitude.

You may be saying to yourself, that a company’s culture should come from within rather than be adopted by some outside entity. I agree. But, what do you do when your company’s culture goes stale or just needs some livening up? Do what we did: watch a video of some guys throwing fish and let it inspire you.

One of the best things about FISH! is not the manufactured program put together by Charthouse Learning – it’s the message behind the Philosophy – heck, the principles need little explanation.

Some man-on-the-street YouTube videos even remind us that those fishmongers at Pike’s aren’t the FISH! Philosophy – they have their own story to tell, but they don’t discount the principles. Basically, it’s up to you to transform yourself from “ordinary” to “great.”

6 Responses to What’s your Philosophy?

  1. I’m not that familiar with the FISH! Philosophy, but from what little I do know about it, it seems like a great program to go through as a company. I’ll have to look a little more into this….

  2. Jay Larson says:

    I have seen the FISH! Philosophy transform groups and companies.

    It’s not actually the philosophy that does it, the people that choose to engage in the philosophy are the people who transform organizations. The philosophy is an invitation to consider a new way of thinking about work and life.

    I would love to share my experience with this if anyone is interested. I will live, love and pitch it for the rest of my life…it works!
    Jay – jay.l@charthouse.com

  3. mike says:

    Great comment. Companies have successfully transformed their cultures to more alive and engaged with and without ChartHouse programs. Or using cheaper products like just the books. The trick seems to be how much time the staff has, how easy it is for them to build training stuff, etc. ChartHouse’s programs (Culture, Trainer Tools, & LeaderFISH) have video, discussion questions, how to, activities, etc. Their good quality and designed to deepen the experience. One problem is many companies try and don’t succeed, which gives the staff a distaste for Management trying to pull one over or having a flavor of the month. Whether it’s ChartHouse stuff or your own or a combination, the FISH! process is a wonderful way to transform you and your workplace culture to Great.

  4. Dionne says:

    In addition to the awesome staff, the secret is that the FISH! Philosophy takes an “Experiential” approach, creating an enjoyable shopping experience which then positively positions the company in the minds of consumers. This is the key to the Pike Place Fish Market’s success.

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